Green Party releases costing of platform initiatives

HALIFAX – The Green Party today followed through on its promise to present Canadians with a detailed accounting of the new spending and revenue measures outlined in the party’s 2019 Platform.

The platform is a blueprint for mobilization – a call for Honest, Ethical, Caring Leadership to implement policies and initiatives that pursue true reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples, ensure good jobs and affordable homes and leave a livable world for our children and grandchildren.

The Greens were the first party to present a costed campaign platform and, this year, the first to commit to having its platform pledges reviewed by the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO). The party is grateful to the PBO for offering this important service to Canadian voters.

“In the spirit of responsibility and transparency we invite Canadians to review our revenue and expenditure proposals,” said Green Party leader Elizabeth May. “We are proud to present a suite of bold initiatives to close tax loopholes, end corporate hand-outs and restructure current funding to reduce inequality and end systemic poverty.

“All of these initiatives reflect a deep sense of responsibility to ensure that runaway global warming does not imperil the survival of future generations of Canadians,” said Ms. May. “I’m often asked how we're going to pay for supports for people and climate action, but they never ask how the old-line parties will fund oil and gas subsidies or tax cuts for large corporations. We can afford to redirect money from tax loopholes and corporate handouts to invest in the lives of people. But if we want a society that respects human dignity and preserves our climate, we can't afford not to.”

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