Greens make big gains and P.E.I. politics will never be the same

OTTAWA -- Federal Green Party leader Elizabeth May has congratulated her P.E.I. counterpart Peter Bevan-Baker on the party’s history-making result in tonight’s provincial election. Bevan-Baker and his team of outstanding candidates mounted a positive campaign that increased the party’s seat count from two to a likely total of nine. In the process, the Green leader is set to become leader of the official opposition.

"Heartfelt congratulations to my dear friend Peter Bevan-Baker on the triumph of the PEI Green Party,” said Ms. May. “All 27 candidates, and thinking particularly of Josh Underhay who tragically did not live to see this day, deserve most sincere thanks from Greens from coast to coast to coast.

“While results fell short of the possibility of majority government, the role of official opposition will allow Canadians to see the effectiveness of larger numbers of elected Greens,” said Ms. May.

Green Party deputy leader Jo-Ann Robers said: "Tonight, Prince Edward Islanders voted for a different kind of politics. The Green opposition will drive progress on social justice and decisive action on the climate emergency.”

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