World Premiere Of “Beyond Climate”

David Suzuki helps launch new film directed by UWinnipeg professor

Dr. Ian Mauro’s latest climate change film, Beyond Climate, will have its world premiere at Planet In Focus International Film Festival in Toronto (Friday, October 26) and its Winnipeg premiere at the Gimme Some Truth Documentary Festival (Friday, November 2). The film takes viewers beyond the headlines and into the heart of pressing climate issues — from pipelines and Indigenous rights to forest fires and changing oceans — that are facing British Columbia and the country.

“Beyond Climate is a wake-up call that shows how a warming world is already affecting ecosystems, human communities, and the economy,” said Mauro. “British Columbia is a sentinel province in Canada, in terms of climate impacts, but also solutions that can get us beyond the challenges to realize a truly sustainable future.”

The film is narrated by Dr. David Suzuki — renowned scientist, broadcaster and author — who will be attending the events in Toronto and Winnipeg to speak with media and participate in a Q-and-A at the screenings. Suzuki and Mauro are longtime collaborators, and this is their fifth joint speaking tour to engage Canadians on climate change.

“This film is particularly important in the context of the recent UN report on climate change, which suggests we only have about a decade to radically reduce fossil fuel use in order to stabilize the climate,” said Suzuki. “We’ve got one last shot at making this right for future generations and I encourage all Canadians to be part of climate dialogue and action.”

The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recent report, entitled Global Warming of 1.5°C, indicates that it is possible to stabilize the climate — provided we act within the next decade to be globally carbon neutral by 2050.

Beyond Climate represents the most recent segment in Mauro’s trilogy of climate change films across Canada, which includes Qapirangajuq: Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change (co-directed with acclaimed Inuk filmmaker Zacharias Kunuk) and Climate Change in Atlantic Canada. These projects represent research and cinema as one.

The Winnipeg screening will be preceded by a free public dialogue — focused on climate change and our common future. This dialogue is sponsored by The University of Winnipeg and will focus on Suzuki’s and Mauro’s efforts to engage Canadians regarding climate change.

Journalists are welcome to attend the film screenings and discussions (at no cost). Interviews are available on request.

Visit the Beyond Climate website for more information. Watch the trailer here.

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