URGENT: Mining destruction planned for Whiteshell Provincial Park

Whiteshell is Manitoba’s most beloved provincial park. And right now it’s at risk from new planned mining activities. New Age Metals Inc. is a mining company based out of Vancouver planning to start bulldozing northern Whiteshell Provincial Park as soon as possible. You and I need to write a letter to the government telling them to stop it.


In March I discovered newly bulldozed roads and clearings for mineral exploration in Nopiming Provincial Park. The exploration destroyed protected moose habitat as well as the habitat of boreal woodland caribou, a species protected under federal and provincial endangered species legislation. Our parks cannot be places we destroy. They must be nurtured and protected for the future. Allowing mineral exploration threatens the wild spaces and species in Whiteshell Provincial Park. And others agree with us. A survey conducted this summer showed once again a majority of Manitobans want industrial activity in parks banned, just like it is banned in most other jurisdictions around the world. We need the government to follow through with the wishes of Manitobans! Please let the government know that Whiteshell park – and all of our provincial parks – need to be protected from industrial activity, including mineral exploration.

Tell the government to stop the mining!

Two months ago the international IPCC report on climate change stated that to avoid catastrophic climate change we must protect our forests. Manitoba has a critical role to play as part of the global community combating climate chaos. We need to preserve more of our wild forests. For the wild, Eric Reder | Wilderness and Water Campaigner Wilderness Committee

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