The Green Wave rolls over Vancouver: election brings fresh green look to councils, boards

OTTAWA -- Green Party of Canada Leader Elizabeth May (MP, Saanich-Gulf Islands) today congratulated the 10 successful Green Party candidates in the B.C. municipal elections at the weekend, hailing the result as further evidence of a growing groundswell of Green support from coast to coast.

In the Vancouver council poll, Green Party incumbent Adriane Carr once again earned the highest vote total to be elected for her third term. Fellow Greens Pete Fry and Michael Wiebe were also successful.

Vancouver’s other winning Green Party candidates were Janet Fraser, Estrellita Gonzalez and Lois Chan-Pedley, who were elected to the School Board, and Dave Demers, Stuart Mackinnon and Camil Dumont, new members of the Park Board.

In Burnaby, Joe Keithley was elected to city council under the Green Party banner, part of a swing to the Green Party that will see many party members and activists who ran as independents joining local councils throughout the province, particularly on Vancouver Island.

“I am delighted for my long-time friend and colleague Adriane Carr, who for so long struggled alone on council but is now going back in with reinforcements,” said Ms. May.

“And the many new and young Green voices elected throughout the province will bring the energy and commitment needed to confront the growing challenges of climate change."

“Greens are winning at all levels of government,” said Ms. May. “This summer Ontario elected its first Green MPP and last month New Brunswick elected three Green MLAs. Canadians are turning to the Green Party because they want the truth and real action to address the threat of catastrophic climate change.”

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