Green Party of Canada congratulates PEI Greens for doubling seats in PEI Legislature

Hannah Bell celebrates her victory in winning the second Green Party seat in the PEI Legislature on November 28, 2017. Photo: Times Colonist

(OTTAWA) November 28, 2017 – The Green Party of Canada is thrilled by Hannah Bell’s victory in the provincial by-election in PEI, which doubles the number of seats held by the PEI Greens. “I am incredibly excited for the residents of Charlottetown-Parkdale, and for all Prince Edward Islanders. The experience, passion and integrity that Hannah brings to the legislature will contribute greatly to the health and wellbeing of the province,” said Elizabeth May (MP, Saanich-Gulf Islands), Leader of the Green Party of Canada. “While Peter Bevan-Baker — Leader of the PEI Greens — has accomplished so much as PEI’s sole Green MLA, having a fellow Green in the legislature will more than double the impact he has already made. Representing Canada’s second provincial Green caucus, Peter and Hannah will inspire hope and a renewed faith in politics amongst Canadians, demonstrating Green values of honesty, hard work, and collaboration with other parties to deliver real results,” Ms. May continued. “The growing success of Green parties in Canada and around the world signals an exciting trend — voters are increasingly looking to Greens when it comes to strengthening democracy, fighting for those less fortunate, and leading the way to a sustainable future. Hannah’s victory confirms that the appetite for Green values is healthier than ever,” Ms. May concluded.

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